St. Hilarion vineyard

There are so many things that must be done in the process of producing wine. Different sorts demand different techniques, in order to give their best. Annual work includes winter pruning, ploughing, tying the vines, leaf removal, summer pruning, green harvesting, and grape picking.

What is especially important for St. Hilarion is that everything that we do, is done in an environmentally friendly way. To keep the ground and the environment as clean as possible, so the wines produces would be of highest quality. St. Hilarion uses only organic fertiliser, and they encourage the beneficial insects. Moreover, the irrigation process is carried out in such a manner that the water is conserved and vineyard waste is rotted for use as compost.


The dream is to be able to grow more white sorts, and for this they are expanding into higher and cooler areas. Variety is the very much needed, and the demand is growing daily.

You can visit the website here St. Hilarion vineyard homepage or click their homepage below:



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