Why buy property in North Cyprus?

Five reason to start with

1. Price of property

People look for and value different things when it comes to most things in life, and buying property is no exception. But if we could agree on one thing almost all people find important in the purchasing process, it would be the price. In North Cyprus you get new and modern property for prices you might not believe are real. That means that the dream of owning property in the Mediterranean is maybe not so out of reach as you thought, right up till now.

Such moderate prices mean that you will not only be able to afford to actually buy property here in North Cyprus, but also that you might be able to upsize. A one bedroom instead of a studio, a house instead of a semi-detached etc. Buying close to the sea is a definite possibility here, even close to, or in an urban area.

2. Low property taxes

When you come here and see for yourself the possibilities, the modern architecture and the facilities that come with it, and when you have thoroughly checked the price level for different types of properties, seen North Cyprus and gotten to know it, you might easily decide to buy. At this point it would be very advisable to know the tax level as well 😊

  • Tittle deed transfer fee is 3% for the first purchase
  • VAT for property transactions is 5%
  • Stamp duty is 0.5%
  • All this amounts to 8.5%

Property tax/Council tax is 1 (one) TL per square meter (internal property size) annually.

Capital Gains Tax is paid by the Vendor.

3. Low cost of living

It is not only that the property is very reasonably priced in NYC, but day-to-day living is very affordable as well. It is one of the most affordable places in the Mediterranean, and extremely affordable for anyone coming from EU/EEA/US.

Below you can see some examples:

  • Petrol 1l 95 unleaded = €1
  • 19l water container = €1.3
  • Bread – local white bread = €0.30; wholegrain = €1.5
  • Fruit and vegetables can be bought both in supermarkets and green markets, with prices being very reasonable, usually just a few TL (€1 = TL3.92) per kilo of product.
  • Lunch in a restaurant for 2 – anything from €10 to €40.

4. Climate

Located in the Eastern Mediterranean, whole Cyprus is blessed with very mild climate and around 320 sunny days per year. You can go in short sleeves during the day all the way until Christmas, and continue to do so already in February. There will be rain sporadically during the winter, which means from end of December and parts of January. It can rain sometimes even in February, but this will not be daily occurrence, and not every year.

Temperatures will reach 20 degrees C even during the winter, and you can expect sunny days and more short sleeves’ weather in this period as well. March is usually sunny and temperatures reach 25 degrees C. In March water temperature reaches 20 degrees, and from then on it is steadily on the rise, until it reaches 28-30 degrees during the summer.

Summers are warm and sunny, but around noon fresh breeze comes from the mountains and makes it very pleasant to be outside. July is usually the warmest and most humid, which is a constant in the Mediterranean.

5. Friendly people

It is interesting to think of a place with so many attractive qualities, like affordable prices and wonderful climate, thinking this is enough of an enticement in itself. But let us not forget something very important – if you decide to move here, one more thing will become very important, and those are the people. Local people with whom you will have interactions on daily basis. People in your supermarket, in public transportation, your neighbors etc. It will then become evident how important it is to be surrounded with friendly and openhearted people, who will without prejudice start a conversation or give a helping hand.

There are a lot of other good reasons for buying property in North Cyprus, and these will be discussed  in coming blog posts – stay tuned!

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18 thoughts on “Why buy property in North Cyprus?

    1. Hello Vedrana, thank you for posting 😊

      This is a very valid question, which deserves a thorough answer.

      Even though resale properties tend to be slightly more affordable than new-built properties in NC, there are quite a few things to consider before making the final decision. For example:
      • As the resale property is already built and finished, the purchase in NC can be finalized in matter of weeks.
      • The VAT, which is paid once when the property is new, (VAT in NC is 5%) has already been paid. In example, if you purchased property for £50000/€57000, that means that you will NOT have to pay the sum of £2500/€2850 for VAT.
      • It is not unusual that resale properties in NC are sold fully furnished, white goods, furniture and all. Even though the furniture might not be entirely to your taste, it sure does help and gives breathing space.

      Hope this answers your question. If you have more queries, do not hesitate to contact us.

      All the best,

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  1. Hi, thanks a lot for interesting facts about NC! I’m looking for a studio apartment near the beach, shops, restaurants, etc., can you recommend an area? What is approx price for a studio included all taxes in this area? Thanks a lot in advance!


    1. Hi Johnny, thank you for showing interest!

      There is quite a lot to choose from here in NC, when it comes to property near the sea. I do not know how familiar you are with NC, but it might be best to choose a general area first, before going into details.

      Prices for a studio apartment in North Cyprus are surprisingly affordable. Prices are starting from £27,000/€31,200 which including taxes is 8.5% in addition, amounting to £29,950/€34,650.

      Speaking in general terms, there are 6 main areas in NC, when it comes to property. This is excluding Nicosia area, which is furthest from the sea. Good shopping, though. Also, excluding the eastern tip of the island, called Karpaz. That’s where you go to feed the donkeys.

      On the north coast, there are 3 main areas:
      • East of Kyrenia – 18 holes Golf course
      • Kyrenia – centre of the British colony in Cyprus once upon a time
      • West of Kyrenia – nice hotels and holiday resorts

      On the south coast, further 2:
      • Famagusta – beautiful old town and the oldest fig tree on the island
      • Iskele – formerly a fishing village, known today for excellent developments
      • Bafra – 18 holes Golf course under construction and seriously fancy hotels

      What is common for all these areas are sandy beaches and breathtakingly beautiful nature. Many restaurants along the coast, and they all serve good food – lots of mezze dishes (appetizers, could be a whole meal, fabulous choice for vegetarians and vegans), grilled meats and freshest fish you tasted in your life. Just guessing, not assuming. New marinas popping up all over the place + historical monuments worth your while. And let’s not forget – the friendly people of North Cyprus.

      If you would like a more detailed answer, pls let us know, we will be happy to provide more information.

      Until then all the best,


  2. Could you have ever imagined or dreamed of such an extraordinary beautiful place with so many good characteristics at such favourable prices?! I’d like to have a studio with a big terace. Is it possible?

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    1. Hello Zlata,
      Thank you for such nice words!

      Would it be over the top if I said that anything was possible in North Cyprus? 😊

      It is of course possible to find a studio with a big terrace, there are developers who offer exactly that type of property.
      The best value for money in my opinion would be a penthouse, meaning a very big terrace indeed. At least 25 sqm.

      What you should take into consideration is that a penthouse is usually close to double in price, compared to an apartment of the same size, but with modestly sized terrace.
      In example – prices for a studio apartment in NC are starting at approximately £27,000/€31,200. This is for a studio apartment with a terrace of approximately 8sqm. If you want to purchase a penthouse studio apartment, you would have to pay around £45,000/€52,000.

      But from my own experience, I can tell you one thing – you will never regret buying a penthouse, or an apartment with a big terrace. Why? Because here in the Med, with such favourable climate, a big terrace is a big advantage, as you will be spending literally all of your time outside.

      Hope this helps!
      Let us know if you would like to inspect some property and see for yourself 😊

      Until then, all the best from

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    1. Hello Slavica, nice to hear from you!

      The taxes and maintenance fees in North Cyprus are very affordable, and they will not greatly burden your budget. Don’t forget that property in NC is good investment, meaning you can cover all the costs by renting your apartment. We can help 🙂

      The annual taxes/communal taxes amount to ONE TL per sqm of the internal size of your property per annum. To conclude, for a 60 sqm apartment you would pay TL60 (£13.25/€15.30) per year. Fascinatingly low price.
      Maintenance fees in NC often do not differ greatly within one development, even regardless of size. They range from development to development, but the starting price per month is £30/€35. On yearly level that would amount to £360/€415. This includes all maintenance of the outdoor area, so you and all the other property owners can enjoy their stay to the fullest.

      Things included in maintenance:
      • Painting and maintenance of the façade, every year
      • Collecting the garbage
      • Fixing water, electricity and sewage
      • Maintenance of tennis court/s
      • Maintenance of swimming pool/s
      • Maintenance of gardens, green areas, shrubbery, and flowerbeds
      • Maintenance of stairways and patios
      • Maintenance of streets and roads within the development
      • Entrance gate security and general security
      • Restaurants, markets, spa saloons, hairdressers’, and pubs on the premises
      • Local office inside the development
      • Info service
      • Aftersales

      Thank you for enquiring!

      Let us know if there are more things you need clearing 🙂

      Stay well and all the best,

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    1. Hello Ivana, what a lovely name you have 😊

      Compared to many countries in the world, North Cyprus has very decent sized apartments.
      What does that mean?
      That means that studios usually start at 40sqm and one bedroom apartments start at 50sqm.
      It might be important to add that most of the apartments in NC have balconies, and that most of them are of decent size. If you add the seaview to the equation, nice floor design and very often beautiful views, it would be safe to say that the balcony would constitute as an additional living room.
      What more could we assist you with? Let us know.

      Until then, all the best from


  3. Hi, I really liked your blog, it’s very informative and detailed. I am looking to buy a holiday property and am seriously considering Cyprus. I am looking for somewhere that will cater for the whole family. It needs to be child friendly and also have a lot to offer for adults and the elderly. Is there any specific region or town you could recommend? Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Tamarzipan,

      Thank you so much for your kind words!

      Cyprus is a pearl in its own right, and the lifestyle here is both very Mediterranean and affordable. If you should choose North Cyprus, you will have a lot to choose from.

      Many types of properties would fall into the category of what could be suitable for a family, bigger apartments, townhouses, semi-detached property and of course detached houses and villas.

      Based on all the criteria you have mentioned, I would recommend town of Kyrenia with surroundings. Kyrenia is on the north coast of North Cyprus, and the nature is so green and lush, with mountains and valleys, beautiful beaches and many restaurants along the way. This could be a great place to take family picnics, go hiking and visit the odd castle or monastery.
      This area is also excellent when it comes to schools, which is a necessity for children. A very good choice would be The English School of Kyrenia, which provides education for children from age three to eighteen.
      Hospitals, private clinics and nursing homes are modern and well equipped here in North Cyprus. Rehab centres and caregivers are also readily available. And they are reasonably priced, so no breaking the bank there.

      What could help you decide, is an inspection trip. They last usually for 3 days, and the goal is to not only show property that is available, but also to get acquainted with North Cyprus. In such trips accommodation, transfer to and from airport and property viewing is all complimentary.

      Let us know if you have more questions 😊

      Until then, all the best from


  4. How would you describe offer of avaliable apartements for sale? Could good, nicely eqquiped apartement in new building , close to the beach be found easily? What would be price per sqm of such apartement? Also what is usual size and structure of apartements built exclusively for sale? Thanks!


    1. Hello M. Weideman,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      You are right, North Cyprus is a good place to invest in, as the property price increase is around 10% annually. This is especially valid when talking about new build and off plan property. This type of property shows most potential investment wise.

      If you would like more information regarding investment possibilities and options, pls contact us.

      Until then, all the best,


  5. Hi – can you tell more about the 18 holes golf course under construction in Bafra … when is it planned finish, distance from Royal Sun etc


    1. Hi Nils Petter,

      Thank you for your question!

      The area where the Golf course is being built is a planned touristic area, currently under construction. The Golf course, however is not the only thing that is being built. Other things that are planned, are for example 13 hotels, of which a few have already been finished. All the hotels will be 5 star hotels, with unique themes and a lot to offer. Some will be built in the Las Vegas fashion, as casino-hotels. The whole area is supposed to be finished in 4 years’ time, while the Golf Course will take just 2 years to finish, before they open their doors to golfers.

      In the meantime, the whole area boasts sandy beaches, lot of green areas and numerous palm trees.

      From Royal Sun, it will take you a 30-minute drive to get to the area. If you should need a car rental, the prices here are very modest, and we might even have some inside deals 😊

      Hope this sheds some light and answers your question.

      Let us know if you have more questions, whether they are golf related or not 😊

      Until then, all the best,


  6. Are there any schools in the neighborhood and if so,which ones?Is there public transport to the nearest town?Thanks in advance


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